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“Dr. Abella is an excellent cardiologist, he practices evidence-based medicine and treats his patients with the utmost care. Maria, the ARNP, is extremely knowledgeable and attentive, she takes care of your every need and addresses all your questions and concerns. The entire staff is friendly and caring. If you need to see a cardiologist, I recommend this office 100%. I have no complaints, they offer outstanding service and patient care!”


“Excellent doctor. Very experienced, focused and professional. I would strongly recommend Dr. Abella as he was recommended to me by my cardiologist. I had varicose veins procedures that felt 90% better the same day I had it done. Lovely experience. It has only gotten better with time. Wish I had done it sooner. The staff is very professional and they work very well together. I rate the whole experience a 5+.”


“Dr. Abella’s office gave me a very welcoming feeling from the moment I walked in. Dr. Abella and Maria are two of the greatest health care providers I have ever seen. Thanks to the two of them I now have a better understand of my health. I recommend Abella Heart to all my family and friends.”


“I have been a patient with Dr. Abella since 1997. Dr. Abella and his staff sincerely care about their patients. Dr. Abella is the type of physician who will stop at nothing to help make sick people well…It is without reservations that I recommend this talented and humane physician for your medical needs.”


“This office is always professional and helpful. Dr. Abella is a great heart specialist. He is always available and in my opinion the best cardiologist and I’ve gone to three others.  I recommend him to everyone. He takes his time to answer every question and I never feel rushed.”


“I am so glad I found Abella Heart on my insurance directory, they helped me with the health issues I had, and all of the bad symptoms went away. I highly recommend them. Maria from the front desk is really nice with patients.”

Living with Vein Disease in Miami

Spider veins and varicose veins impact your circulation. In some cases, they cause leg aches, pain, and heaviness. While they may seem like just a fact of life, they require your immediate attention. If you leave your veins untreated, they can cause worse venous conditions. These conditions impact your overall health and lead to ulcers, amputations, and more.

Different Types of Vein Treatments

When it comes to Miami vein treatment, it’s important to take a proactive approach. If you delay your treatment, your spider or varicose veins may worsen, leading to other health issues. Visit our vein clinic and meet to speak with specialists about the best vein treatment option for you.

  • Minimally Invasive Treatments
  • Short Outpatient Treatments
  • Quickly See Results
  • Experience Relief from Your Symptoms


Sclerotherapy involves injecting a special solution directly into the veins. The solution causes veins to collapse, promoting healthier blood flow.

Vein Ablation

Vein ablation combines ultrasound technology and radiofrequency (RF)  Over time, your body absorbs the vein.


VenaSeal uses the only medical adhesive of its kind to close off veins. Once injected, the adhesive closes the vein, redirecting blood flow.

Before and After Treatment

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Reclaim Your Vein Health

Don’t let varicose and spider veins limit your life. Speak with our vein specialists today. Discover your treatment options today to fight frustrating, painful vein disease.

We currently rank #6 for Interventional Cardiology Physicians in Florida

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Ranking on HealthGrades, out of 123 other physicians in the same category.

Benefits of Vein Treatment in Miami with Abella Health

At Abella Health, our focus is completely on your unique needs. We provide the highest level of service to promote your optimal health. No matter the vein treatment you need, we develop a custom treatment plan based on your symptoms and preferences. Choose a Miami vein clinic led by a cardiologist with over 23 years of experience. Our vein treatment doctor, Dr. Manuel E. Abella, MD, FACC, FCCP, has a deep understanding of the vascular system. This ensures you receive the best treatment.

  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease
  • Internist Miami 2014 Award
  • “America’s Top Physicians” in Cardiology 2003 Edition
  • Selected as the Best Doctors in America in 2009-2010
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