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Lucky you, you get to age however you like! Technology is on your side, in case genetics, stress, lifestyle choices or sun exposure have not been. We live in a time when cosmetic procedures are more plentiful and accessible than ever before. You can abstain from cosmetic procedures or indulge in them strategically with a huge benefit. Botox and Restylane can mitigate the signs of aging on the delicate facial skin. The face you present to the world matters; why live in skin you don’t love?

Less Is More

With filler treatments, less really can be more. They are quick, inexpensive and deliver results with much less invasiveness and cost than surgery. Celebrities including Christie Brinkley and Cindy Crawford – who do seem to know a thing or two about looking more youthful than the average population – have been open about how they have embraced fillers.

At Abella Health, we provide a variety of trusted cosmetic treatments that can help you regain and retain a natural, youthful appearance. A natural result of maturing is to lose some of the fullness in our faces. Our cosmetic options include Botox/Dysport and Restylane.

Botox Dysport injections reduce frown lines by reducing specific muscle activity. Restylane is a clear gel that is injected with a fine needle to create fullness and decrease the appearance of wrinkles.


Evolved Benefits

Fillers such as Restylane, that use hyaluronic acids, have improved in recent years and can be used not only to treat lines but as a preventive measure. According to an article in Self magazine, one treatment can last several months or longer, can be invisible when done properly and if you are not happy with the result – it can be adjusted.

Being comfortable in your own skin works on many levels. We can help you feel more comfortable with your appearance.

In a New York Times article, one doctor explains how fillers can restore the youthful appearance of broad, full cheeks, to a mature face that has undergone a natural sagging in its support system. Further, fillers can soften lines and creases.

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