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Venous Reflux Disease

A common leg problem

Our legs take us to wonderful places, to people we love and to where we need to go. For this reason, any problems with the legs can easily disrupt our lives.

On the top of the list of leg problems for people in Miami, Kendall and Coral Gables is venous insufficiency, or venous reflux disease. This is a common condition that comes about when valves in our veins don’t work properly. It results in increased pressure on the veins, aching, throbbing, fatigue and leg heaviness that can make life much harder than it needs to be.

What’s Going On?

In healthy legs, one-way veins have valves that help the blood flow upward to the heart. These valves are vital for helping blood overcome the force of gravity, so proper circulation can occur.

If the valves aren’t opening and closing properly, blood can flow backward, or reflux. Reflux causes blood to pool in the veins, causing itching, aching and swelling. It also leads to varicose veins, and can darken the skin near the ankle. Some even develop open wounds from vein problems, called ulcers.

How Do I Know It’s Venous Insufficiency?

Leg pain, throbbing and heaviness are good indicators that you should see a specialist. Remember that venous reflux is very common. About half of people over the age of 50 have the condition.

What Is a Normal Treatment?

While it’s common, this problem has several trusted remedies. A common treatment for venous insufficiency or venous reflux disease is called vein ablation. Using ultrasound guidance, a physician guides a specialized instrument to close the damaged vein with radiofrequency energy.

Closing the problematic vein results in the shrinking of varicose veins. It also lessens the strain on surrounding veins caused by a diseased vein, and negative symptoms fade.

Why Do I Care?

If you continue to let blood pool in your veins, symptoms will worsen. Many people who let problems persist don’t realize how much it is affecting their life. For example, a mother may be too fatigued to play with her kids, or cannot keep up with her parenting without becoming exhausted.

Treatment is simple and fast, and results are excellent. Get your healthy legs back.

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