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At Abella Health, we’re about every element of varicose vein and spider vein treatment. Our services include everything from lab and cardiac stress testing to vital treatments for these venous conditions that can be both unsightly and damaging to health.

We’re also here to help with prevention, which is a huge factor when it comes to varicose veins and spider veins. One area where this is absolutely vital is within the workforce – a huge number of jobs around the country involve movements (or lack thereof) that might put workers at higher risk of conditions like varicose veins. Let’s look at how this works and how you can prevent these risks during work and other similar activities.

Prolonged Immobility

They may not seem like much at the time, but long periods where you stand or sit without moving can be very damaging to the legs. Such long periods can cause blood to pool up in the legs, and over time, valves in veins meant to return this blood to the heart may stop functioning correctly.

At first, this may only be a small cosmetic issue for many people. Over time, though, it can signal signs of an underlying medical condition that’s very serious, and may also come with aching, swelling, discoloration and even eventually ulcers if not treated properly.

Avoiding Risks

There are several ways you can shield yourself from the risk of venous issues while on the job:

  • Stay active: If your job involves long periods of inactivity, such as sitting at a cubicle or standing at a post, find ways to move around every so often. This will cause blood to circulate from the leg veins rather than pooling up, which leads to issues.
  • Keep it comfortable: One big way to ensure you’re incentivized to move around? Make sure you have comfortable, flat, low-heeled shoes that will help avoid pain or other movement issues.
  • Elevate: If you work at a desk job, consider ways to elevate your legs. This is to take advantage of simple gravity and drain fluid from the lower legs.
  • Compression stockings: If varicose veins or other venous issues have been a problem for you, consider compression stockings. These help increase circulation so that blood doesn’t pool and weaken veins.

For more on avoiding venous issue risks while on the job, or to learn about any of our varicose vein treatment services, speak to the staff at Abella Health today.