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When it comes to varicose veins, time in water or a pool can be very beneficial. At Abella Health, our spider vein and varicose veins treatment programs often include an element of swimming or pool exercise.

Why is this kind of activity so beneficial for people with venous issues? Let’s take a look, plus offer some additional tips for those who are exercising as part of their treatment program.

Gravity and Veins

In many cases, simple gravity is the cause of venous issues in the legs. Veins have to return blood to the heart from the legs, but this is tougher because this blood is traveling directly against the flow of gravity for long periods of the day. Especially for people who stand up or sit for long periods, who are pregnant, or who have hereditary vein issues, this can be a problem.

Swimming and Pool Therapy

This is where swimming and other pool activities come in, however. Swimming and water exercises have anti-gravity effects – not only are you actively stimulating circulation and blood flow while you exercise, you are taking some of the pressure off your veins while you’re in the pool.

Pool exercise can take many different forms depending on your exercise desires and your level of fitness. Some people simply walk in shallow water or pedal with an aqua jogger, while others actively swim, either with a buoyant device for support or on their own. All these activities can be beneficial in their own ways.

Additional Tips

Here are a few basic tips for pool workouts and any form of exercise you use to help combat venous issues:

Calf pump: Whether you’re on land or in water, do regular calf pumps as part of your exercise routine. These contract the calf muscles, squeezing the veins and pushing blood upward in the direction of the heart.

Elevation: When you aren’t active, take every opportunity you can to elevate your legs and reduce the effect of gravity.

Compression: Wear compression stockings or leggings daily to reduce venous symptoms. These help supplement the calf pump exercise in many cases.

For more on how water exercises can benefit venous treatment, or to learn about any of our varicose veins treatment options, speak to the staff at Abella Health today.