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It’s alright to despise running. You can still get the cardiovascular exercise you need to maintain health and weight without pounding the treadmill or the pavement. Running can be extremely deleterious to your joints. It’s a high-impact workout that simply is not for everyone. Thank goodness there are countless other ways to get your heart rate up that don’t require you to jog. The most important thing about an exercise routine is that you are consistent. So, find a workout you really enjoy doing, so you will do it every day, burn calories, relieve stress, and engage the most important muscles you have. Walk – don’t run – to the gym, the park, the dance studio, or even your own backyard to try some new aerobic movements.

Step It Up

Is everybody in your office counting steps? Join in the fun! Work standing up if your job is in front of a computer. Take the long way around to the break room or the bathroom. Use the stairs. It all makes a great difference in how many calories you burn and how much more oxygen and blood is circulating more effectively throughout your body. Do this daily and you will love longer and enjoy good health all the while. You can spend your lunch hour taking your heart rate up to the next level, primed from the increased activity you have seamlessly integrated into your day. Walk at a brisk pace, perhaps while listening to a podcast or your favorite music. You can pump your arms and have a spring in your step without increasing the speed to the point of jogging.

Dance Like None Is Watching

Dancing will make you sweat. And it will make you smile. Dancing is a joyful activity; it is exercise that feels like fun. When you dance, you are absolutely revving your body’s engine and increasing your happiness quotient, which is ideal for your mind/body health. While running feels like a drag, dancing feels good. Exercise doesn’t have to be painful – you don’t have to “feel the burn” to get the benefits and reap the rewards. Find a fun jazz or Zumba class in your community or put on your favorite upbeat tunes and jump around your room for thirty minutes a day.

Gym Machines

Some people love going to the gym. It involves community, comfort, and ritual. The machines are user-friendly and can be adjusted for almost every fitness level. You can use an elliptical machine to get your cardio and it is gentle on your knees. You can walk up the stair climber while you watch the news. You can squeeze in a trip to the gym before or after work, and take advantage of free Wi-Fi, a hot shower, and mats for stretching or hand weights for getting stronger while you’re there. Of course, not everyone loves the gym. But if it’s a place you feel safe and comfortable, you can relieve stress and ensure your body is moving like it should.

If you don’t like to run, don’t run. Find a fun way to exercise that you will feel motivated to do every day. We are always happy to talk about how to implement and maintain a workout regime. Your lifestyle is the key factor in your heart health. At Abella Health, we want you to live well!