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As a top vein clinic in Miami, we at Abella Health and Abella Heart are very experienced with varicose veins and their treatment. We develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on individual needs, and can help with everything from minor to extremely serious varicose veins.

Unfortunately, the world of varicose veins comes with several popular misconceptions that get spread around. Here are some of these myths, plus the actual facts you should know.

They’re Only Cosmetic

Many people are told that varicose veins are nothing but a visual issue, but this simply is not the case. A significant percentage of varicose vein patients will develop other symptoms, including aches, heaviness, throbbing, cramping or swelling in the legs. Others may have severe dryness or itchiness, bleeding, skin discoloration and even ulcer formation.

In addition, people with varicose veins are at a higher risk for deep vein thrombosis, a dangerous kind of blood clot that can lead to life-threatening risks. It’s important to seek medical advice if you experience any of these symptoms, before skin changes become permanent,

They’re an Inevitable Sign of Aging

Aging can worsen varicose veins, but the condition itself does not signal a sign of aging and young people can get them too. Varicose veins may run in the family, and hormone changes also play a role.

They’re Only For Women

Varicose veins are indeed more common in women, but they can easily happen in men as well. About 25 percent of adult women have some visible varicose veins, while about 10 to 15 percent of adult men have them. Men can experience all the same symptoms and risks, and should have treatment performed in the same ways.

They’re Always Visible

Varicose veins are most noticeable right at the surface of the skin, but this isn’t the only area where they can exist. They can be deeper in the body, often depending on the makeup of the leg and skin. Surface veins might only be a small part of the issue, which is why getting a proper examination and diagnosis can be very important.

To learn more about common myths surrounding varicose veins, or for any of our varicose vein treatments, speak to the experts at Abella Health today.