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Diet trends come and go, but one seems to have been around for the ages: intermittent fasting. Recommended for weight loss by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, and observed in several religious practices, intermittent fasting isn’t the newest idea. But it is one of the most talked about weight-loss fads today.

When used for weight loss, intermittent fasting plans most commonly involve 16-hour intervals or two 24-hour fasting periods per week, either eating nothing or with significantly restricted calorie intake. During a person’s eight-hour eating window or on non-fasting days, no calorie restriction is required. Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet on these days, however, is recommended.

Is Intermittent Fasting Effective?

It wouldn’t be a popular weight-loss trend without lots of individuals reporting effective weight loss with minimal sacrifice. Not only have individuals reported intermittent fasting as an effective weight-loss tool, they have also made claims regarding the diet’s ability to improve focus, control blood pressure, reduce unhealthy cholesterol and lower blood sugar.

Despite these personal reports, the scientific jury is still out. While intermittent fasting studies focusing on animal subjects have shown great success, research on actual human subjects has yielded mixed results.

Stay Safe with a Doctor’s Advice

Although scientific evidence regarding intermittent fasting’s efficacy remains to be seen, lots of people want to try the weight-loss strategy for themselves. While it is probably safe for some individuals, intermittent fasting can pose health concerns for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, living with diabetes, suffering from eating disorders, or who are required to take medications with food. Also at risk are young people still going through active growth phases.

Never begin a new diet or exercise plan without discussing it with your health practitioner. If you would like to lose weight, manage your well-being and increase your energy, let’s discuss what strategies will work best for you. We can be a guiding force in your life as you change your health habits for the better! Make an appointment today at Abella Health.