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Miami is such a cosmopolitan hub for many cultures partly because the Miami International Airport provides access to virtually every geographical destination on the planet. But for people who live with varicose veins or vein disease, flying can be a dangerous proposition that presents a risk of developing a blood clot.

Following pregnancy, many women suffer from this common condition, as do people who are frequent air travelers. Being aware of issues surrounding your vein problems and receiving medical treatment help ensure that you will be able to enjoy air travel safely.

Any person, regardless of age or previous symptoms, runs the risk of developing vein problems, and even life-threatening incidents, should they travel by car or plane for up to eight hours with restricted physical activity. For people who suffer with vein disease, it is strongly recommended they confer with their physician before flying or undertaking a long car trip.

Your physician will be able to advise you if flying presents no risk related to your vein condition, or whether precautions should be taken, or whether travel may be best avoided at certain times. Sometimes varicose veins present no medical problem and are considered to be only cosmetic issues. Only professional medical diagnosis can discern when a patient’s veins require medical treatment.

The most common time for people to develop blood clots is during the month following surgical procedures. People with vein disease should not fly during this time.

Preventive Tips for Safe Air Travel

Depending on your individual medical issues, a physician can best advise what preventive measures you should take while flying. Some general guidelines include:

  • Hydrating by drinking plenty of fluids (remember that airplanes are particularly dehydrating so you will need to drink more than you do normally.
  • Avoiding alcohol which is dehydrating.
  • Take frequent deep breaths to make sure your lungs are functioning well.
  • Wear compression stockings.
  • Stretch legs and shift your position frequently
  • On longer flights, stand, stretch and walk around the cabin every couple of hours.
  • Avoid leg rests that compress behind your calf or knee.

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