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Are you desiring to change your lifestyle and eating habits to lose a few pounds and maintain a healthy weight? Do you want to prevent illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease? If so, a Mediterranean diet may be a good choice for staying satisfied by your food while staying active, versus strictly counting calories. Making nutritious and healthy food choices, and eating in moderation, may be easier and more enjoyable than you think!

It’s been proven that people who live in the Mediterranean countries generally live longer and avoid many diseases including diabetes, cancer, heart and brain ailments that American are more prone to. A Mediterranean diet is not an exact science – as how people eat in countries like Greece, Italy, Spain and France varies. But their eating habits are based on the same principles and many of the same foods. It comes down to learning what foods are best for your body and most appealing to your palate, and how much and what type of physical recreation you want to engage in.

What to Eat

A Mediterranean food pyramid is pretty simple to follow and tweak. It emphasizes fruits and vegetables, and you can switch things up according to the seasons. Whole grains, beans, nuts and legumes are staples and chosen according to your taste, preference and what is readily available. Healthy, low-fat protein options like fish or other seafood is encouraged a couple of times a week, along with poultry. Eggs, cheese and yogurt are also acceptable in moderation. Olive oil takes center stage as the go to oil, and you can feel free to enjoy a glass or two of red wine.

What Not to Eat

Red meat and sweets should be eaten minimally. Unhealthy foods such as those containing added sugars, refined grains, trans fats, refined oils, processes meats and highly processed foods, should all be avoided.

Moving Your Body

Americans often tend to head to the gym to pump iron or run, even during harsh weather conditions. Mediterranean residents, on the other hand, integrate a more organic and passive approach to exercise. First and foremost, they walk – a lot! They walk to the market, to work, and about town while on dates. It’s part of their lifestyle and socialization. Very often, they ride bikes, too. They may not even have a car, and if they do, often leave it parked for day-to-day outings.

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