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Blood brings important nutrients to all parts of the body, so when circulation is inhibited, bad things happen.

Here are some ways to improve circulation:

Be active

Regular exercise, and just taking the time each day to do something active, is important for cardiovascular health. Walking and running are especially helpful for blood circulation in the legs, because these activities cause muscle contraction in the calves and other leg muscles. Contracting muscles help blood move through veins in the legs. However, any physical activity will improve circulation.


Research shows that stretching improves vascular functioning and circulation. If stretching can help you de-stress, that’s an added bonus, because stress can influence circulation.

Cut some unhealthy food from your diet

Refined carbohydrates and other unhealthy food are connected to poor circulatory health. As if you needed another reason to quit eating junk food!

Be careful how you sit

Crossing your legs while sitting for long periods of time can affect circulation. While having a foot or leg “fall asleep” is generally caused by squeezed nerve pathways, sometimes arteries can be squeezed too, interfering with the body’s normal functioning.

Don’t smoke!

Smoking is known to damage blood vessels, among the other problems it causes.

What about herbs, supplements, etc.?

A quick search online will reveal an endless amount of supplements for better cardiovascular health. It’s important to remember that none of these things will help as much as being active and eating healthier. Many supplements have not undergone proper testing for effectiveness and safety.

Get examined by a cardiovascular professional.

While all the things described above can be helpful, it may be that you already have circulatory issues. An examination from a qualified cardiovascular physician can detect issues, so future problems can be avoided. Poor circulation, if not treated early, can lead to serious issues and heavy financial burdens.