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Healthy Miami Magazine

Dr. Abella is an advisor for Healthy Miami Magazine. He was also featured in the Healthy Hearts sections of Healthy Miami January 2017 Edition.

Indulge Magazine

Dr. Abella appeared in Indulge, a publication of the Miami Herald.

Abella Heart Was Featured in The Miami Herald April 2017

Dr. Abella appeared in an Educational Vein Health Campaign in The Miami Herald.

Let’s Get Ready For Summer

Dr. Abella appeared in a series of Vein Health Marketing Campaigns Pre & Summer Seasons.

Miami Herald

Dr. Abella appeared in a publication of the Miami Herald.

Miami Herald

Ask Dr. Abella/Vein Health Column debuts in the Health Section of Tropical Life of Miami Herald.

Dr. Abella was featured in the Digital Magazine

Miami Herald

Dr. Abella appeared in a publication of the Miami Herald.

Naples Daily News

Dr. Abella appeared in the Naples Daily News.

Cardio for People Who Hate Running

It’s alright to despise running. You can still get the cardiovascular exercise you need to maintain health and weight without pounding the treadmill or the pavement. Running can be extremely deleterious to your joints. It’s a high-impact workout that simply is not for...

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What to Expect After Vein Ablation

Have you considered vein ablation to treat your varicose veins? We can complete this procedure in our office in about an hour. There is no scarring because we use radio frequency through a catheter to collapse the offending veins and then they are simply absorbed into...

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Complications from Uncontrolled Diabetes

Diabetes is far too serious a condition to ignore. And yet, countless American adults are doing just that. Living with undiagnosed and uncontrolled diabetes can lead to serious health problems that will handicap your lifestyle and irreparably damage your long-term...

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Sinus Versus Cold

It’s terrible being sick. When you’re an adult, you still have a full load of obligations and responsibilities that aren’t going to stop just because you have the sniffles. You feel low, exhausted, like you can’t pick up your head, it’s so heavy. But are you suffering...

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