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When you begin a new workout regimen, enthusiasm usually helps carry you through the sometimes-painful period when your body is adjusting to new demands. Visible results, combined with the hormonal release benefits, make it easy to ride the workout high. But eventually, many people hit an obstacle and lose their motivation to continue their exercise routine. Want to know a secret weapon for staying on course? Find a friend to be your workout partner! You can encourage and motivate one another and track your progress together. Not to mention, exercising with a friend can make the process more fun and keep you both safe.

Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

There are several benefits to having a workout partner and virtually no drawbacks. Here are some advantages to hitting the mat, machines and pavement with a friend:

  • Staying Motivated

Sometimes it’s easy to let ourselves off the hook when it comes to exercising – particularly after a long day at work or when the weather is not great. We are less likely to cancel an exercise session and let our partner down.

  • Adding New Challenges

Inject more fun into your workouts by injecting new tasks and sports into your routines, with each partner introducing new moves and sports to the mix to keep things interesting.

  • Friendly Competition

Friendly competition is a good thing in an exercise partner! Find one who is aligned with your ability and fitness level, so you can keep one another motivated and keep the level of intensity up to push through to new goals.

  • Share a Trainer

Want to up your fitness game even more? Hire a trainer and it will be less money for the two of you.

  • Spotting and Safety

Your fitness partner is your built-in spotter for things like repetition counts and keeping you safe around machinery. For those who take to the great outdoors for workouts, being with another person will keep you safer than being on your own in natural settings if you get into trouble with a fall, and also make you less susceptible to potential harm in isolated places.

  • Like Minded and Like Bodied

We tend to be like our friends in many ways including values, physical characteristics, hobbies, and income. Choosing a partner and other friends who are concerned with being physically fit will have a positive influence on your mindset to maintain a similar lifestyle.

  • Built-In Social Time

Keeping fit with a partner will also help keep you social, too, as you can’t help but bond during your routines.

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