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There is a treatment for varicose and spider veins that is highly effective, offers immediate relief, is painless, causes no scarring and its effects are permanent. Vein ablation is a safe procedure that destroys spider and varicose veins for good. The treatment uses radio frequencies to cause the vein to collapse and be safely absorbed into the body. Vein ablation is simple, quick and available to almost anyone with a venous insufficiency.

Varicose veins can cause more than unsightly marks on the skin’s surface. If untreated, varicose veins can result in aches and sores as well as swelling of the ankles and even fatigue. They occur when a vein near the surface of the skin twists and bulges. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of varicose or spider veins, or simply want to remove the unsightly veins for cosmetic reasons, Abella Heart can help.

Safe Radio Frequencies Destroy Varicose and Spider Veins

Safe radio frequencies are what differentiate vein ablation from other procedures. During the procedure a catheter is inserted into the affected vein through a small incision. This catheter is pushed all of the way into the end of the vein. As the catheter is pulled back out, bursts of radio frequency waves destroy the vein itself. Blood flow is diverted to healthier veins.

Vein ablation is painless, although the patient may experience temporary discomfort if the vein is very close to the surface of the skin. This mild burning sensation passes as the catheter moves through the vein. The procedure is as effective as varicose vein surgery, but it is an out-patient procedure performed under local anesthesia. The vein ablation procedure takes about an hour to complete. The patient should wear compression stockings for one week following the procedure. It is possible that the patient may develop some bruising, swelling and pain after the procedure, but these symptoms are minor. Some numbness in the treated area is also normal.

Vein ablation can be used to treat patients with chronic venous insufficiency or those who simply want their varicose and spider veins removed for cosmetic reasons. The staff at Abella Heart can provide more information and help you decide if vein ablation is right for you. Call us today to set up a consultation.