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What causes spider veins?
The exact cause of spider veins is not fully understood, but factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, pregnancy, obesity, prolonged sitting or standing, and certain occupations that involve prolonged standing or sitting may contribute to their development.

Can spider veins occur anywhere on the body?
Yes, spider veins can occur anywhere on the body, but they tend to be more common on the outside of the thighs and calves.

How do spider veins vary in occurrence?
The occurrence of spider veins can vary from person to person. Some individuals may only have 1-2 small spots of spider veins, while others may have diffuse spider veins on their legs or body.

Where do spider veins tend to occur?
Spider veins tend to occur on the outside of the thighs and calves, although they can occur anywhere on the body.

What do spider veins look like?
Spider veins are small, dilated veins that have a spider-like appearance on the surface of the skin.