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As we age, our immune systems weaken. We’re not only more likely to fall ill with diseases, like shingles and influenza, but we’re also more likely to suffer severe symptoms, consequences, and complications than younger versions of ourselves. Medicine is continuously improving methods of preventing and controlling illnesses. The most effective method of disease prevention is vaccination. Lots of older adults, however, aren’t receiving the vaccinations they need to stay healthy.

6 Important Vaccines for Adults

  1. Influenza Vaccine

This seasonal vaccine should be administered annually. It protects against particular strains of influenza and is especially important for older adults and those living with chronic health conditions.

  1. Shingles (Herpes Zoster) Vaccine

Any person who has had chicken pocks is at risk of developing herpes zoster. The virus lives in a person’s nerve cells and can be reactivated later in life, causing painful blisters and neuropathy. The vaccine reduces the risk of recurrence and can prevent permanent complications from the virus.

  1. Pneumococcal Vaccine

This vaccine protects against pneumonia, an infection caused by pneumococcus bacteria in the lungs and bloodstream. It is recommended for all adults over age 65 and younger individuals who smoke or have other health complications. This vaccine usually requires only a single administration. Some individuals, however, might need a booster after five years.

  1. Td or Tdap

Today, teenagers receive a Tdap shot which protects them against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. Adults who have not received this vaccination should have it. All adults should receive a Td booster every ten years after their first Tdap vaccination.

  1. MMR Vaccine

This vaccine protects against measles, mumps, and rubella. Adults born in 1957 or later should have received this vaccine. Individuals born earlier likely never received an MMR vaccination.

  1. Travel Vaccines

If you or your family have an upcoming international trip planned, you should check with your doctor about whether you will require any special vaccinations before visiting an area with different infectious diseases. Vaccinations should be administered four to six weeks prior to departure.

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