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Compression stockings and socks have been proven to improve venous blood flow and symptoms of vein disease, and reduce leg swelling. Medical-grade graduated compression socks are useful for patients suffering from varicose and spider veins. They are a good preventive step in leg care as it relates to cardiac care, although it is important to consult with a doctor about how often you should wear them and what type is most appropriate for your health needs.

Among the reasons to wear compression socks are these five benefits:

  1. They reduce leg swelling
  2. They improve venous blood flow
  3. They prevent venous blood from pooling in the legs
  4. They decrease the risk of blood clots
  5. They improve symptoms of vein disease

What to Expect from Compression Hosiery

Compression socks ease the common symptoms of varicose veins and spider veins, including fatigue, swelling, itching, burning, and leg cramps. They promote venous blood flow from the feet back toward the heart. They help prevent venous blood pooling in the legs and feet and decrease the risk of blood clots. Compression acts quickly to provide relief.

Some medical professionals even suggest wearing compression stockings or socks as a preventive measure against developing vein problems. Of course, that’s not the only, or even the best, way to avoid them. Regular exercise, weight management, regular elevation of the legs, and avoiding footwear that puts undue stress on the legs (such as high heels) have are all effective in reducing the risk of developing vein conditions. But compression hosiery may be a good addition to a regime of overall circulatory system health.

A Compression Fashion Statement

From a fashion standpoint, new fabrics have revolutionized the compression hosiery market. They now come in a wide array of styles and colors to go with almost any outfit, so they do not draw attention to your health issue.

In fall 2017 testing and reporting on dozens of brands of compression socks, the consumer review site Wirecutter chose the Sockwell brand as the best choice of compression socks for most people. Their study found that Sockwell offered the best balance of features for people who need and wear compression hosiery for health issues. Read the article for more recommendations, including a “best for the budget” choice.

If you suffer from varicose veins and spider veins, compression stockings may help improve your condition. But you should know that varicose veins can also be a sign of more serious medical conditions. Their appearance should be a strong signal to see a physician who specializes in cardiac and vein issues.

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