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Stasis Dermatitis The skin diseases associated with venous insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is a condition in which veins have problems sending blood from the legs back to the heart. This is due to vein walls being weak and valves being damaged, which in return causes veins to stay filled with blood. This insufficiency results in skin conditions such as Lipodermatosclerosis and Stasis Dermatitis.

Lipodermatosclerosis is an inflammation of subcutaneous fat and it affects the lower legs. Its symptoms include a change in pigmentation, hardening of the skin, and swelling. It can be an acute or chronic (long-term) condition, and common indicators of the chronic disease are varicose veins and ulcers.

Stasis Dermatitis is a change in the skin that occurs when pools of blood collect in the lower leg. One of the main symptoms of this condition is, achy/heavy legs, and over time, the skin can start to change permanently. Lipodermatosclerosis can come into effect and the skin can take on a bumpy appearance with a dark brown color. Stasis Dermatitis is often a chronic condition.

Both of these conditions have been associated with obesity and heart problems, but it is not completely clear what causes them. The best prevention mentioned by professionals is to control causes of edema (swelling). There are definitely signs to watch for and addressing them should not be postponed.

The main treatment for both Lipodermatosclerosis and Stasis Dermatitis is compression therapy. Weight loss can also be beneficial for Lipodermatosclerosis, and there are topical creams and antibiotics that can also help with Stasis Dermatitis. Come see Dr. Abella and the Abella Heart team to get a clearer understanding of your condition, and get started on the right course of treatment.

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