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Have you considered vein ablation to treat your varicose veins? We can complete this procedure in our office in about an hour. There is no scarring because we use radio frequency through a catheter to collapse the offending veins and then they are simply absorbed into the body. It is not only minimally invasive, but you will experience little pain, if any, and many of our patients feel immediate relief from the pain of varicose veins. It’s a procedure we feel extremely pleased to offer our patients, knowing their symptoms and chronic pain will soon be over. Total transparency is our philosophy, and to that end we want to apprise you of what to expect in the hours, days, and weeks after vein ablation. You can absolutely expect to love your legs again in the not-too-distant future, so go out and buy some dresses and skirts!

It is our recommendation that all patients recovering from vein ablation wear compression stockings for at least one month. If you are wearing the medical socks and are feeling up to it, the majority of patients can return to their normal routine immediately.

After a vein ablation procedure, we like to have all patients walk a little every day. Always start slowly, and incrementally increase your speed and distance. Walking will help prevent blood clots and improve circulation. While walking is beneficial, and absolutely recommended, we discourage the recovering patient from standing for any length of time, and high impact aerobic exercise or heavy weight lifting is to be avoided until you have your doctor’s permission.

Vein ablation is a successful solution for painful varicose veins. It is a procedure we perform with consistent, superior results. Talk to us at Abella Health about what you can expect afterward, and why it is medically important for those living with problematic veins to have them removed. You don’t want it to progress into venous reflux disease, which can disease and damage the valves in your legs.