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Varicose Disease, Swelling, Skin Changes and Ulcers

A high percentage of people suffer from some form of varicose disease, and unfortunately, a high percentage of those with the disease don’t do anything about it. Often, symptoms like leg heaviness and slight pain are ignored. Many experience leg fatigue and don’t realize that varicose disease is behind the fatigue. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, go see a vein care specialist like Dr. Abella.

Skin Changes

Some find their legs to be slightly swollen, or find discoloration around the ankles, and wonder what the cause could be. The answer is often venous disease. As valves in the leg veins stop functioning properly, blood begins to pool. Blood that isn’t circulating normally doesn’t have the right amount of oxygen and nutrients. This means that the surrounding tissue is affected. Pressure begins to build in these veins with pooled blood, and red blood cells begin to leak into the tissues of the leg. This is what causes the painful swelling. This is also what causes the skin to become dark and discolored, called hyperpigmentation. If these problems are left untreated, the inflamed tissues eventually develop a tough, firm texture. You don’t want this! Ulcers are another symptoms of progressed varicose disease. This is when the skin breaks into a lesion. Ulcers are difficult to heal, and are very painful. Air and bacteria get into underlying tissue and can cause infection. If the venous disease is not reversed, the ulcers can enlarge, and become a chronic problem. If you’re experiencing leg heaviness, leg pain, leg swelling, or notice discoloration, come see Dr. Abella, and learn how to correct your vein issues before they advance.